Statement from South Carolina AFL-CIO President Donna Dewitt on Mitt Romney’s Labor Speech in Charleston

Contact: Donna Dewitt, 803-318-3868

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney seems more interested in scoring cheap political points for his election bid and supporting Boeing, a company he holds personal investments in, than talking with working families in Charleston about their concerns for the creation of family-sustaining jobs.  Working people follow the law and so should Boeing. But Romney and other Republicans in Congress are using their political clout to attack federal law enforcers at the National Labor Relations Board—a neutral, independent agency—for asking Boeing to play by the rules.

Throughout his campaign, Romney has shown that his priorities lie with corporations and the rich, not working people in South Carolina or across the country.  Whether it is calling corporations “people” in Iowa or defending law-breaker Boeing at the expense of South Carolina workers here today, multi-millionaire Romney has continued to prove he is out-of-touch with the struggles facing working families in America.


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