Longshoremen's Association Issue Statement on Occupy Wall Street

ILA and Its Atlantic Coast District Statement on Occupy Wall Street

NORTH BERGEN, NJ - The leaders of the International Longshoremen’s Association, AFL-CIO and the Atlantic Coast District of the ILA today issued a joint statement supporting the rights of Occupy Wall Street to assemble and said their union and its membership join in solidarity with those fighting for more jobs.

“We applaud those participating in Occupy Wall Street as they hold Big Business and Washington accountable for creating good jobs,” said Harold J. Daggett, International President of the ILA and Dennis Daggett, President of the ILA’s Atlantic Coast District in a joint statement. “As Americans, we’re grateful New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the owners of Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan allowed Occupy Wall Street protesters to remain there today (Friday, October 14, 2011) to continue their mission.”

The ILA and ACD pledge to fight on behalf of Occupy Wall Street to protect their rights of free speech and to assemble.

ACD President Dennis Daggett said his union is grateful that the voice of America’s frustrated middle class is being heard through Occupy Wall Street drawing to an inequitable economic system tilted in favor of this country’s top 1% of wage earners.

International President Harold Daggett echoed his praise of Occupy Wall Street and their cause.

“Washington bailed out the banks and Wall Street, but our current Congress balks at passing a jobs bill and is totally out of touch with Blue-collared America,” said the ILA leader. “In places like Wisconsin and Ohio, those State’s lawmakers are stripping police, firemen, teachers and janitors of their benefits and pensions. Like AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said last week: ‘Occupy Wall Street has captured the imagination and passion of millions of Americans who have lost hope that our nation’s policymakers are not speaking for them’.”

Both ILA leaders said a number of ILA members have reported to them that they have joined the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations at various protests around the country.

“We are proud to stand and walk with those who fight for good jobs,” said both the ILA and ACD leaders.

The ILA represents waterfront workers and other related crafts at major U.S. ports from Maine to Texas, as well as the Great Lakes, Eastern Canada and Puerto Rico. The ACD represents those same workers on the East Coast from Maine to Virginia, Great Lakes, Eastern Canada and Puerto Rico.


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