SC Jobs with Justice Interest Meeting

Greetings Workers' Rights Advocates:

In South Carolina working people have been and continue to be under attack like no where else in the country. This order of things cannot always endure. Across this country working people are standing up and saying "Enough!"

We write this email not in desperation but in hope that there are others who, like ourselves, have come to realize that before we may truly fulfill the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we must reorganize society upon a mutual and cooperative basis; and to this end we call upon ALL people of conscience to organize a great economic and political movement that spreads over the entire state.

We invite you to an interest meeting for what we hope becomes South Carolina Jobs with Justice (see for more info about the national). The meeting will take place on Thursday, October 20th at 7:00 in Columbia at the historic civil rights Modjeska Monteith Simkins House (located at 2025 Marion St.). If you plan to attend or would like more information please contact us at

Please feel free to forward this to anyone you know who may be interested. It is important that as many people are at the table from the start as possible. We plan to build a broad based peoples organization. We’re also having many one-on-one and small group meetings with people who are interested, so feel free to contact us if you want to get together.

About Jobs with Justice:
Jobs with Justice (JwJ) is a national coalition of labor unions and religious, civil rights, women’s, student, farm, immigrants’ rights, and community organizations working together at the local level to defend and expand the rights of working people. JwJ has mobilized thousands to address of host of issues including corporate greed, the right to organize and bargain collectively, globalization, living wage legislation, and the right to family-supporting full time jobs.

JwJ is both a coalition of labor and community partners and an organization that individuals can join. The organizations pledge to support each other and the individuals pledge to “be there” for someone else’s struggle at least five times a year. Jobs with Justice coalitions engage in a wide variety of activities and movement building work including, but not limited to:

- Building accountable, reciprocal, and transparent arrangements that are long term and advance justice between unions and community allies in furtherance of our common self-interest in an economically just society
- Working strategically to create a support network to encourage union organizing
- Utilizing the “Workers’ Rights Board, a collection of progressive leaders that gather to hear testimony about issues affecting the rights of working people, allowing for publicity and storytelling that will further the goals of the movement
- Creating a rapid response capability so that workers’ who step out and fight will have people to back them up
- Using Jobs with Justices status as a national organization to build power and relationships regionally, nationally, and internationally
- Organizing Jobs with Justice campaigns around issues such as jobs and the economy, health care, immigrants’ rights, global justice, accountable development and sweatshop-free and living wage ordinances among others

We look forward to seeing you as we work together to change the South. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information.

Until the Victory,
Russell Bannan & Albertha Glover

Contact us via phone at 864.978.9374 or via email at

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