"Gracias SC AFL-CIO"

Farm Workers Send a Message to Thank the South Carolina AFL-CIO for the Solidarity:
I just want to say thanks for all of the support and solidarity from the SC AFL-CIO Delegates. It was great spending some time with you all. Also, a quick update on Pantry/Kangaroo . Right after our visit, our allies at the Beloved Community Center in Greensboro (who are taking lead in dealing with Kangaroo) got a call from a Kangaroo spokesperson. He said that Kangaroo has done all they are going to and would like to "close the loop" on communications. But we aren't letting them off the hook that easy! Yesterday, we initiated a call-in day, for people to call Chairman Holman and tell him to visit the fields. We have been generating lots of calls and will be going back into the stores next week!

Yesterday, we visited some union members who were looking to file a grievance over some unfair warnings and I gave them an update about the SC AFL-CIO Convention and the Kangaroo actions and they told me to say thanks for the solidarity. We thought of taking a picture with a thank you sign and I attached it. It was dark and the sign didn't really come out well, but it says Gracias SC AFL-CIO

I hope the rest of your convention was successful and am looking forward to seeing you all again. 

Hasta la victoria!

Justin Flores
Director of Programs
Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIOPO Box 5604354 US Hwy 117-Alt SDudley, NC 28333Tel: 919-731-4433www.floc.com

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