Walmart Kills

WalMart Kills

Workers • Wages • Communities
Community Picket at Charleston Port
Dec. 20, Wando Terminal, 400 Long Point Rd, Mt. Pleasant
(Planning meeting and other activities Dec. 19, see below)

On Nov. 24 in Bangladesh, 112 garment workers died in a fire while making clothes for WalMart and other retailers. These workers made $45 a month, 28 cents an hour. On Dec. 20, clothes made by these workers will be delivered to the Port of Charleston to be shipped to a WalMart store near you.

In pursuit of low prices and maximum profits, WalMart is killing workers, wages and communities. Between 1990 and 2005, South Carolina lost over 93,000 jobs (60% of our textile industry) to unsafe, low-wage textile factories in developing nations.

The SC Workers Rights Coalition is calling for a picket at the Wando Terminal starting at 7am Dec. 20 (call before you come as times may change). The picket will be a legal and peaceful call for these garments not to be unloaded in Charleston until WalMart agrees to donate the clothing to the needy and agrees to compensate the survivors and families for their loss.

As the ship's arrival can happen in a 24-hour window, times may change. Participants should contact William Hamilton at 843-870-5299 or to keep updated. An organizing meeting for participants will be held at 8pm, Dec. 19 at the Club Room of the Sgt. Jasper Apartments (310 Broad St. in Charleston at the North end of the building).

On Dec. 19 between noon and 7pm at Marion Square, activists will accept donations of small garments made in developing nations. They will be assembling a chain of 112 garments to symbolize the supply chain which undermines human dignity by destroying American jobs and denying workers in other countries safe employment.

This ad hoc coalition of citizens wants to make the public aware that those "Faded Glory" shorts at WalMart may have been made by a worker who died for those "always low prices."

Follow updates on Twitter at #blocktheboat and on Facebook, where you can share/RSVP. Contact William Hamilton for directions and information: 843-870-5299,

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